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  • Man Power ,Consultancy & Management services

  • Providing control for all drilling operation process and supply full management through our drilling operation team from Roustabout to Tool Pusher and management team consists from rig manager, rig mechanic, rig electrician, to superintendent. Briefly, we employ all rig team and management team

  • Control Rig costs, Quality Control (QC), and Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Technical Support for drilling operations

  • Consultancy and/or third party for drilling operations

  • Provide Competent and Confident

health safety and enviroment
  • Tubing & Casing Running Services

  • Conventional casing running services

  • Tubing running services

tubing and casing running service
  • Chemical supply and services

Chemical materials and services for drilling and production operations related to drilling operations and maintenance of oil wells, pipelines, drilling equipment, drilling oil wells and drilling water wells

  • Pumping & pipe line services

We have introduced many innovative process and pipe line service as chemical cleaning, pipeline operations, and flange integrity management

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